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Orlando, Florida


Check out the latest Kill the Imposter Video

that I filmed and edited in Orlando FL

This video was made as an Anti child trafficking video, based around 

the Texas Chainsaw Theme,

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Viewer discretion is advised.

New video coming soon!

"Unfit Coward" Featuring

Taylor From Left to Suffer

Tony Trip

Christopher Sabat


Christopher Sabat

has provided voices for

English-versions of Japanese anime and video games, including a variety of 

Dragon Ball 

characters, such as 



and others.

-OSCA Bus-

I had a blast working with Brent Carver 

on his custom graffiti OSCA bus. 

2 Days and a bunch of spray paint later

we had this monster ready to

hit his next big race event. 

Artist | Creator | Designer | Tony Trip | Unspoken Art Studio

Isabella Snow x Tony Trip

So excited to announce that our new

collection of merch is now LIVE!

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Artwork by

Tony OG Trip


"If you stop putting energy into something

and it doesn't put the effort into

keeping your energy from leaving...

Then it doesn't care about you,

as much as you cared about it.

Put your energy to better use."

-Tony Trip

"When you do so much good

people hold you to a higher standard...

...but even Jesus flipped tables,

when he was tired of the bullshit.

Bad moments don't mean bad life,

the goal is bigger than the obstacle."

-Tony Trip

"Never second guess yourself because someone else
doesn't understand you.

-Tony Trip

"Life lessons...
Find people you like a lot,
and treat them really well.

-Tony Trip

"Don't wait till you're old
to fix things you regret.
Now is better.

-Tony Trip

"Relationships are just one long game of

Where ya wanna eat at? lol"

-Tony Trip

"Being an adult just means

I figured out how to eat cookies

in the bed without getting

crumbs where I sleep...

I eat them on my wife's side."

-Tony Trip

"One day you might be sitting

in a hospital wishing you could

have another day like today.

Do your best with it."

-Tony Trip

"Social Media has ruined...
Society and Media.

-Tony Trip

Unspoken Art Studio | 7151 Savannah Drive, Newburgh, IN 47630 | 812-805-0083

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