Feel free to send me any questions you have, please remember to be as descriptive as possible to help me understand what your request is.

I will respond as quick as I can but may be working with a client for a few hours at a time.

Please wait for a response before booking so you know for sure how many hours you need. 

If you would like to set up a "Google Meet" or "Face to Face Consultation" to discuss your tattoo please message me below. 

Please note: I accept all forms of reference, BUT...

All tattoo references must come with written consent  from artist and collector or will be deleted.

I do not promote stealing someone's tattoo, it could be a memorial or something for their kids.

All "extensive" design work and drawing edit times will be deducted from the appointment time at customers cost. 

| Step One |

Get a Quote

| Step TWO |

| Step THREE |

Bring 2 forms of id

& be 15 min early please.

(One government issued Id and

something with your name printed on it.) 

| Step Four |

Keep covering on tattoo

as provided & instructed

If you have any questions feel free

to call the studio or send me a message.

  (Hint: 5-7 Days, Remove w/Warm Water)  

- Made By Trip -