I look forward to...

hearing your stories and seeing what inspires you to get your new piece.

I'm highly motivated to work on pieces that have deep meaning and are unique and I really enjoy designing from scratch. My main goal is to get you thinking and brainstorm with you, 

I usually start with "WHY?" (which may rub some people the wrong way) and then go from there to end up with an amazing concept I get to work on.

I'm honest and open about stuff and will work till we hit that unique idea. 

I think its important to educate people before they make the final decision, just to make sure its worth putting in skin for life... I work in many different styles including Illustration, Lettering, Graffiti, Trash Style, Fine Line, New School, Minimalist and many others.

I don't mess with alot of hyper realism because I don't really base my ability on how well I can copy something. I really want to aim towards showing the world something they haven't already seen and put a bit of my unique style as well. Lets try and be original.   

Feel free to send me any questions you have,

please remember to be as descriptive as possible to help me understand what your request is. I will respond as quick as I can but may be working with a client for a few hours at a time. Please wait for a response before booking so you know for sure how many hours you need.

All "extensive" design work and drawing edit times will be deducted from the appointment time at customers cost. 

If you would like to set up a "Google Meet" or "Face to Face Consultation" to discuss your tattoo please message me below and we may set it up if necessary. 

| Step One |

Get a Quote

Please note: I accept all forms of reference, BUT...


I do not promote stealing someone's tattoo, its just weird to me...

it could be a memorial or something for their kids which would be extra wierd. lol

Do not type "tattoo" in the search bar when looking... This will help alot. 

Use "Art" "Wallpaper" "Illustration" ect... or just let me do my job...

Which is designing rad art. hahaha

| Step TWO |

| Step THREE |

Bring 2 forms of id

& be 15 min early please.

(One government issued Id and

something with your name printed on it.) 

| Step Four |

Keep covering on tattoo

as provided & instructed

If you have any questions feel free

to call the studio or send me a message.

  (Hint: 5-7 Days, Remove w/Warm Water)  

- Made By Trip -